Brighton CEO: "We’ve been tested before. We’ve overcome much bigger setbacks"

17 April 2019

Paul Barber
Photo: Getty Images Brighton CEO Paul Barber (L) and Chairman Tony Bloom celelebrate at the end of a match in the Sky Bet Championship when the club was promoted to the Premier League in April 2017. At the moment the club struggles just above the relegation zone in the Premier League.

Brighton & Hove Albion are only two points clear of the relegation zone with matches against Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester City coming up.

Premier League status is very important to the club – not least for the continued development of the club’s academy.

Nikolaj Babis Nielsen

Brighton CEO Paul Barber struck a fighting tone before the club’s match against Cardiff last night, at a time when the Seagulls are struggling to stay out of the relegation zone.

In the programme notes for yesterday’s match, Barber said: “… tonight’s game is a test of our character – and our togetherness,” but the club’s character and togetherness has now been tested even further, since they took a 0-2 beating to stand only two points away from relegation.

"We’ve overcome much bigger setbacks"

Barber stressed the importance of staying in the Premier League:

“We’ve been tested before. We’ve overcome much bigger setbacks. A great strength of this football club is its ability to pull together at important times. Our Premier League status helps to fund the development of young players through our academy, as well as our growing women’s and girls’ programme. All of these things are very important to the continued growth and development of our club,” he said.

The loss against Cardiff was a real setback. Even though Brighton still have a game in hand, they are only two points clear of the relegation zone, and in their last matches they will face the likes of Wolverhampton, Tottenham, Newcastle, Arsenal and Manchester City, so no points are guaranteed. Cardiff also have a tough programme facing Liverpool, Fulham, Crystal Palace and Manchester United.