Brighton’s £311 million debt of gratitude

1 March 2019

Tony Bloom Brighton
Photo: Getty Images Brighton owner Tony Bloom, here with his wife Linda ahead of the Premier League match, has invested hugely in the club in the shape of interest-free loans.

Debt-levels are high, but could be considered “friendly debt”.

Owner Tony Bloom has invested heavily in the club, but it should be noted that the club is profitable and commercial growth is massive.

Brighton and Hove Albion owner Tony Bloom have provided £311 million of funding since taking over the club, with that amount the club's growth is set to increase in the next accounts.

According to the club’s most recent accounts, Bloom has provided the funding to the club through £253 million in loans and £58 million in share capital. 

The accounts, released in December, also noted that subsequent to year-end, he has provided further capital. This additional funding will appear in the next set of accounts.

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