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Off The Pitch is a football business intelligence service providing convenient data analytics tools, a player salary data service as well as an unparalleled newsletter on the European football industry

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Data & Analytics

Save time and make confident decisions based on our dashboards.

  • Financial data, player valuation and transfer data, M&A Tracker
  • Customisable dashboard. Easy to navigate and use
  • Export to spreadsheet
  • Updated every 24 hours

Daily Morning Briefing

The default resource for professionals seeking the latest news in the European football industry.

  • Stay informed and become smarter in minutes
  • Most efficient coverage of the industry
  • Expert insights and balanced perspectives
  • Articles, interviews and analysis

Player Salary Data

Bespoke reports and case-by-case support / consultancy for a range of services where salary information is crucial for strategic purposes.

  • For loss-of-earnings settlements
  • Compare how different tiers of clubs structure their salaries
  • Benchmark salaries across leagues for a particular type of player / transfer target
  • Underpinned by internal league and player union intelligence
  • Accepted and endorsed from private tribunals to the High Court

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