Spurs stadium repayments is almost £50 million a year – but the increase in matchday income is even bigger

25 March 2019

Tottenham Hotspurs new stadium repayments
Photo: Getty Images Tottenham Hotspurs' new stadium was tested on Sunday in a U/18 match with a big crowd watching. Repayments of the stadium loan is almost £50 million a year for Spurs - but the increase in matchday income is even bigger.

New calculations on the stadium repayments. Seems like the club can spend money in the summer transfer market.

Spurs have the opportunity to do what Manchester United did a few years ago by converting some of the loan to bonds.

Still the annual accounts from the club in april will offer more info on the increased stadium building costs.

Tottenham's new stadium will cost the club an estimated £50 million a year in interest and loan repayments.

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