Spurs and Liverpool each top €100 million in Champions League prize money

9 May 2019

Tottenham Champions League
Photo: Getty Images The sensational comebacks this week from Liverpool and Tottenham secured them more than €100 million in prize money from UEFA.

Advancement to the Champions League final secures Liverpool and Tottenham prize money of more than €100 million a piece from UEFA.

Newly-introduced coefficient pool of €585 million is distributed based on performance in the UEFA tournaments over a ten-year period.

With this season’s Champions League tournament coming to an end, the final prize money going to the four Premier League clubs can be calculated. 

Surprisingly and despite the earlier knock-out, Manchester United are amongst the highest-paid PL clubs due to their historic performance in UEFA tournaments.

Mads Christian Fogt Jensen mj@offthepitch.com

The sensational comebacks this week from Liverpool and Tottenham not only secured them a ticket to the Champions League final, but also award them a total of more than €100 million in prize money from UEFA, according to offthepitch.com’s estimates.

Tickets for the final generate additional income of €15 million which leaves Liverpool and Tottenham with a total distribution payment of €107 million and €101 million respectively. Furthermore, the winners will receive an extra bonus of €4 million. The calculation is based on the assumption that the English clubs receive approximately 1/4 of the total market pool.

This means that both Liverpool and Spurs are looking at another year of financial success after both posting world-record profits for the 2017/18 season.


Huge growth in CL money

Last year, Liverpool’s CL run resulted in total prize money of €79.3 million – this year they got the same amount just by qualifying for the quarter finals this season. 

This is due to the huge growth in UEFA’s distributions to the clubs participating in the group stage and onwards, which now total €1.95 billion. Compared to previous year’s distributions of €1.35 billion, this equals an increase of 44 percent following two years with increases of only 0.4 per cent and 3.8 per cent.


Prior to this week’s second leg of the semi-finals, the two Manchester clubs were expected to become the highest-paid PL clubs, even after taking into account the additional €12 million bonus that Liverpool and Tottenham received from qualifying to the semi-finals. 

This is because of UEFA’s complex distribution method, which includes parameters such as performance in this season’s tournament; the performance in the previous year’s domestic competition as well as the TV market value of the club’s country. 

Man Utd benefit from new pool

Starting from this season, UEFA has introduced a coefficient pool accounting for €585 million, equating to more than 25 per cent of the total distributions. 

This €585 million is distributed based on performance in the UEFA competition over a ten-year period, thus favouring historically-big clubs like Manchester United. 

Consequently, Man Utd will receive €31 million from the coefficient pool, twice the amount for Tottenham and €6 million more than the second-highest payment to Manchester City.

In addition, the market pool is partly distributed based on last season’s performance in the domestic competitions, which further benefits the Manchester clubs because of their dominance at the top of the Premier League last season. As a result, the two clubs are estimated to receive total price money worth around €93 million.