Liverpool CEO would welcome Chinese co-owner

29 April 2019

Peter Moore
Photo: Getty Images Liverpool CEO Peter Moore wants to get even closer to Chinese fans - maybe through a Chinese minority owner.

Peter Moore wants to get even closer to Chinese fans. A solution could be to get a Chinese company onboard as co-owner.

Liverpool working intensely on improving digital offers to fans.

Kasper Kronenberg

Liverpool owners, US-based Fenway Sports Group, might sell a minority stake in the club in order to boost growth in China.

Peter Moore, CEO of Liverpool, revealed in an interview with Bloomberg TV that the club is open to discussions if a Chinese partner would buy shares in the club.

During an interview while visiting China, when asked if Liverpool F.C. was in talks with any partners in the country, Peter Moore said:

“The club gets a lot of approaches all the time. It would be rude just to dismiss it. I think the club’s been very consistent - the club is not for sale. But if there is a meaningful minority investment opportunity that comes along that can add value and help us win on the pitch with an influx of capital, then the club is always open to that and I think we’ve been consistent in that message.”

In 2016 two Chinese bodies apparently tried to enter dialogue with Liverpool. Fenway have always been very clear they are willing to sell a stake but only to the right partner for strategic reasons.

Fenway Sports Group, who has brought significant growth to the club since taking over as owners in 2010, is also the owner of the American baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. Behind Fenway Sports Group is John W. Henry, an American businessman and investor who, amongst other things, is the owner of one of the leading American newspapers, The Boston Globe.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

In the interview with Bloomberg TV, the Liverpool CEO also talked a lot about the digital opportunities that Liverpool will pursue in the future in order to allow fans to get even closer to their favourite team.

“There are millions of people that love this football club deeply that will never, ever go to Liverpool and experience Anfield, so what do you have to do to take it to them? Virtual reality, augmented reality - we’re just finalising installation of 360-degree cameras that give a videogame look and feel - you can circle the action.

"We’re working with IBM to build mobile platforms, LFC TV studios cranking out content 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s about engaging,” Peter Moore said.

According to Peter Moore, the club has 700 million fans around the world.