Interview: Why could Sky Group not be the next Blockbuster or Kodak?

29 June 2020

Photo: PA Images "...I am convinced that the Pay TV operators around the world won’t be able to pay the same amount of money anymore to purchase the rights to show football from the top European leagues," says Marcus Luer, CEO of Total Sports Asia, Asia’s leading global sports marketing agency.

The traditional pay TV model is dead. And broadcasters all over the world are suffering from that momentous change in the market - meaning they will pay less to show football in the future.

People simply don't want to pay for 100+ channels anymore, and the younger generation as used to not pay for anything at all, says Marcus Luer, CEO of Total Sports Asia, Asia’s leading global sports marketing agency.

Content owners should prepare for a whole new reality in the future. They need to build a new model where they can reach consumers themselves because the broadcasters might be gone in the next 10 years.

The power base in the market has completely changed. And people should forget to expect Amazon to pay large money in the future for football-rights. The rightsholders need Amazon more than the other way around.

Kasper Kronenberg

The signs are all over the place.

Just read the business news for a few weeks and you will see why football clubs all over the world should realise that the bonanza is over. The prodigious broadcasting deals, spearheaded by the Premier League in England, won't happen again. And it is not because of Covid-19. The pandemic simply fast-tracked the inevitable, which was already very clear to anyone paying attention: the pay TV model is dead.

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