Off The Pitch Analysis: Everton’s matchday income keeps dropping

30 May 2019

Goodison Park
Photo: Getty Images Built in 1892, Everton’s current home at Goodison Park is one of the Premier League’s oldest stadiums and it carries a lot of history. Paul Fletcher, who has been CEO at several stadiums and commercial director of the new Wembley Stadium, has a harsh verdict on Everton’s revenue possibilities at Goodison. has analysed the five latest accounts of the 13 teams consistently in the Premier League since 2014 to outline the development in matchday revenue. 

Everton’s matchday revenue has decreased most of the current Premier League teams. 

Moving to a bigger stadium, or just increasing capacity, as Liverpool have done, will massively grow matchday revenue.

But the cost of building a new stadium keeps piling up: “Each year the new stadium train gets faster and faster,” said one expert.

Christian Fomsgaard Jensen

Everton are failing to keep up their matchday revenue at Goodison Park on a large scale.

The Liverpool club are far behind the top six clubs but are now also having trouble keeping up with other typical mid-table teams, such as Southampton and West Ham, an analysis of the 13 teams consistently in the Premier League over the last five years made by shows. 

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