Media: Tottenham generating £800,000 per match from restaurants in new stadium

26 April 2019

Fans eating
Photo: Getty Images There are 60 different food and drink outlets on the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. This includes their own micro brewery, with craft beer brewed on-site - a world first for any stadiums.

Their revenue in hospitality on matchdays is five times Manchester City’s.

Nikolaj Babis Nielsen

Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium has left most football fans speechless. With a capacity of 62,000, fine dining halls, various street-food vendors, a Spurs microbrewery and the longest bar in football serving pints in three seconds, the club has really put in the money to impress.

But it seems the investment is going to pay off. According to The Sun, Spurs are generating £800,000 in revenue at each home game from function rooms, restaurants, bars and the street-food vendors. Based on 19 Premier League games and a minimum of three Champions League group matches, this will bring in an additional income of £17.6 million a year.

To put this number into perspective, Manchester City claim to bring in £150,000 a game from hospitality at the Etihad. And the revenue from hospitality will pay Harry Kane’s yearly salary, believed to be around £15 million. Tottenham’s new stadium will definitely set the benchmark for other Premier League clubs to compare themselves with.