Burnley sign shirt and sleeve sponsorship deal with Asian betting company

3 June 2019

Photo: Getty Images Next year Ashley Barnes and his teammates at Burnley will play with bettingfirm LoveBet on their shirt.

The Asian gambling firm LoveBet replaces LaBa360 and Astropay on Burnley’s playing kit.

Mads Meisner Christensen mm@offthepitch.com

Burnley have secured a three-year shirt sponsorship deal with Asian betting brand LoveBet.

LoveBet will be both on the front of the shirt and on the sleeve, commencing in the 2019/20 Premier League season. The partnership marks LoveBet’s first sponsorship in English football.

Edward Li, a senior director from LoveBet, said: 

“We are thrilled to announce our first English Premier League shirt partnership with Burnley Football Club.

“The growing presence of the club in Asia and worldwide will help us further promote our brand.”

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