Behind the boardroom war at Barcelona: Club in deadlock with deep unrest among key players and heavy burden of debt

30 April 2020

Photo: PA Images It has been a very dispiriting few months for Barca and their president, Josep Maria Bartomeu (left), who is now in his final stretch. He steps down in 2021 and there has to be some doubt whether he can last that long.

Behind-the-scenes issues are not new. The club has often appeared on the brink of internal conflict.

The timing of this latest crisis could not be worse as football awaits a return to a more normal environment.

President Bartomeu will step down next year, so things won’t alter in the short term. But some are calling for immediate change.

The club may come under serious financial pressure that needs attention now, which may herald a return to more prudent times.

Neil Fredrik Jensen

If Barcelona were currently playing football, the turmoil behind the scenes would not be afforded the same amount of forensic investigation.

True, Barcelona and their rivals are often embroiled in political intrigue, but in a time when unity and the spirit of "we’re all in this together" is the popular narrative, someone seems to have forgotten about it at the Camp Nou.

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