Column: Which is the most profitable Premier League team? Ask an accountant and he’ll start sweating

22 May 2019

Profit premier League
Photo: Getty Images For Premier League clubs in 2017/18 operating profits total £542 million, with two clubs, Liverpool and Spurs, generating more than half the total.

Tottenham and Liverpool have been hailed for their 2017/18 accounts – but does that make these two clubs the most profitable in the Premiership?

There are many ways to measure whether a business is profitable or not. Using two common methods to find the profitability of Manchester United, one will place the club top of the Premier League – while the other ranks The Reds at the bottom of the table.

Kieran Maguire

A common perception of the Premier League is that it is very lucrative. This is often used as an explanation for why clubs in the Championship often overstretch themselves on transfers and wages to get to the horrendously-named ‘promised land’. 

So, is the Premier League profitable and if so, who are the most profitable club? The answer depends through which lens you choose to view the league. 

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