West Bromwich extend partnership with viral sponsor

6 September 2019

Photo: Getty Images Boilerman, a mascot in the shape of a plain regular boiler, struck a chord with internet users worldwide for his absurd simplicity and became a viral phenomenon during last season.

Ideal Boilers, the company behind Boilerman, who became a viral phenomenon since joining the club last season, has extended its partnership with the club for another season.

The company originally signed on for just two seasons.

Emil Gjerding Nielson nielson@offthepitch.com

Hawthorn's supporters will be happy that the warm welcome given by the club's mascot, Boilerman, will continue after West Bromwich have announced the extension of their partnership with Ideal Boilers, the company behind the mascot who went viral. 

The company joined the club in May last year and originally signed on for two years but have now extended for a third. 

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