West Brom Chief Commercial Officer explains club’s post-relegation strategy

16 April 2019

Photo: Getty Images "Actually, our matchday revenues will be higher this year than they were last year because we’ve sold out more games. We sold 1,500 more season tickets, which shows there’s always a little bit of apathy with Premier League football after such a long period of time," says Chief Commercial Officer at West Bromwich Albion in an interview with offthepitch.com.

King: Albion go local after losing global spotlight.

There’s little way of softening the blow but matchday revenue becomes key.

Simon King gets straight to the point about the cost of relegation from the Premier League.

“Every club will basically see a 50 per cent drop – some maybe more, some maybe less,” says King, the Chief Commercial Officer of West Bromwich Albion.

As clubs like Aston Villa and Newcastle United have showed previously, there can be no soft landing given the dramatic fall in broadcasting revenue – which, in Albion’s case, will reach £53.2 million.

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