Norwich COO: "We are maximising every single opportunity we have"

13 August 2019

Norwich City
Photo: Getty Images The Canaries return to the top-flight after three years with a home game against Newcastle United on 17th August. The club have invested in an upgrade of Carrow Road before which also should be able to lift their revenue.

The Canaries' chiefs respond to fan feedback with package of improvements at Carrow Road.

COO Ben Kensell tells "As a self-funded club we need to choose our investments wisely and have a return on investment within a couple of years."

Colney training centre revamp aims to make a difference in Premier League campaign and attract fresh talent.

Norwich City have invested in a raft of upgrades at Carrow Road that their chief operating officer, Ben Kensell, believes will enhance the atmosphere and ramp up income.

The revamps at Carrow Road and Colney training centre - under a "rolling phase of development" at both sites - stem from fan feedback in the club’s matchday survey conducted in April.

Club officials also took on board the views of the "atmosphere" working groups, who they meet with several times a season to brainstorm ideas for initiatives.

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