Villa’s chief executive promises they won’t get overly ambitious

29 May 2019

Photo: Getty Images Henri Lansbury (l) and Glenn Whelan of Aston Villa celebrate following the clubs promotion after beating Derby in the play-off final Monday.

Christian Purslow, Aston Villa’s chief executive, explains the club won’t get too ambitious following promotion, despite the “fabulously ambitious” owners. 

Steve Bruce was more or less running the club on his own during his two-year stint at Villa, Purslow says. 

Christian Fomsgaard Jensen

As the final whistle howled across Wembley, Prince William jumped up and down while simultaneously hugging Aston Villa’s former striker, Norwegian John Carew, who was just as excited. The dream came true for the two, just as it did for the thousands of Villa supporters at Wembley - Aston Villa are back in the Premier League. 

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