Championship Match Of The Week: Financial Insights Birmingham vs Aston Villa

8 March 2019

Aston Villa - Birmingham
Photo: Getty Images On the pitch, Aston Villa have had the upper hand in the last two fixtures against City, with a 4-2 victory in November and a 2-0 win in February 2018 – though both were on home turf.

With both Aston Villa and Birmingham hoping to challenge for the play-offs, the Birmingham Derby is crucial for both clubs.

Athough for Birmingham, this might not be an issue at all. With potential financial fair play repercussions hovering over them. Aston Villa with a loss of £36 million for 2018 face “significant challenges” to escape EFL sanctions next year.

Take a look at our head-to-head finances infographic.

Mads Meisner Christensen