UEFA announces massive prize pot for European competitions

12 July 2019

Liverpool CL Win
Photo: Getty Images Qualifying for the Champions League final generate additional income of €15 million. Furthermore, the winners will receive an extra bonus of €4 million.

UEFA has announced a huge prize pot for the coming season’s European tournaments. 

80 per cent of the revenue will be distributed to clubs in the Champions League.

Christian Fomsgaard Jensen cfj@offthepitch.com

Teams competing in UEFA’s European competitions in the coming season will share a massive prize pot of £2.55 billion, UEFA confirms.

European football’s governing body has estimated the gross commercial revenue of the Champions League, the Europa League and the Super Cup will be approximately £3.25 billion.

While the participating clubs will share the £2.55 billion, the rest will be deducted to cover administrative costs, solidarity payments and, of course, UEFA will take a cut.

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