Off The Pitch Analysis: Tottenham rules Big Six in growing commercial income

31 May 2019

Photo: Getty Images Tottenham are not only having great success on the pitch they have also increased their commercial income substantially in the last five years. has analysed the five latest accounts of the 13 teams consistently in the Premier League during that period to see how their commercial revenue has developed.

The analysis reveals that Tottenham are at the top in terms of increasing their commercial income over the last five years in relative terms.

The Gunners are at the bottom in terms of relative growth, but their new kit deal might change their commercial income.

Commercial income provide the firepower for elite transfers, says chief economist at EY UK.

Peter Høyer

Tottenham have had great success in increasing their commercial income substantially in the last five years.

An analysis by shows that the club have increased their commercial income by 151.6 per cent since 2014 to £109 million. 

This huge relative growth makes Tottenham the most successful club of the "Big Six" in terms of increasing commercial income. And even though most income in Premier League clubs come from broadcasting rights, the commercial revenue should not be underestimated. 

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