Stoke City set for summer cost-cuts - but how far have they already gone?

6 May 2019

Photo: Getty Images Stoke fans should expect an exiting summer on the transfer market. The club would probably have to cut expences by selling players.

Stoke City’s wage bill was £94.2 million in 2017/18, and the clubs turnover for 2018/19 will be less than £82.7 million.

Management at the club is facing a juggling act in order to win promotion and cut wage bill.

Stoke City have started a major summer transfer overhaul to reduce their wage bill and avoid Championship ‘Profitability and Sustainability’ rules.

According to latest available accounts, the club’s wage bill increased to £94.2 million for the 2017/18 season.

From a turnover of £127.2 million, that represented a wages to revenue ratio of 74 per cent.

Wage bill is unsustainable

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