Southampton chairman Ralph Krueger leaves the club

12 April 2019

Southampton chairman
Photo: Getty Images Southampton chairman Ralph Krueger (L), here with owner Gao Jisheng, has left his position.

The Saints confirm the departure of chairman Ralph Krueger.

At the end of the season the club will release more information about the future leadership structure.

Mads Meisner Christensen

Southampton chairman Ralph Krueger has left the club by mutual consent after five years. It comes at the same time as Premier League probes possible Chinese-state influence in the club.

Following talks with owners Gao Jisheng and Katharina Liebherr, it was decided not to renew Krueger's contract, which ended on 30 June.

"Everything has a beginning and everything has an end," said German-born Krueger, 59, who is a former professional ice hockey player and coach: "It is the journey in-between that I will treasure"

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