Southampton owner committed despite China share sale

16 February 2019

Gao Jinseng - Southampton - logo
Photo: Getty Images Gao Jisheng bought 80 per cent of Southampton in 2017. He has now sold his shares in the Chinese company Lander Sports who have the same name as the holding company of Southampton

Chinese owner is fully committed, club spokesperson underlines, and explains the connection between the Chinese company and the club.

Gao Jisheng is no different to Southampton’s previous owner, and clear message is sent about profits being made at the club.

Southampton-owner Gao Jisheng remains committed to the club, according to a club spokesperson, despite restricting his business interests in China and selling enough shares in his real estate company to relinquish a controlling stake.

Jisheng has offloaded a substantial number of shares in Lander Sports, the real estate company he founded in China.

However was told that the share sale is unlikely to have any effect on Southampton. 

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