Sheffield United co-owner: “We have discussions with other parties”

8 May 2019

Shef U
Photo: Getty Images It seems that the talk about selling Sheffield United has become more serious for co-owner Kevin McCabe.

Co-owner Kevin McCabe reveals there have been talks with interested buyers.

Nikolaj Babis Nielsen

After seeing Sheffield United reach promotion to the Premier League, co-owner Kevin McCabe is now battling out a legal dispute in the High Court with the club’s other co-owner, Prince Abdullah, for the right to take full control of the club.

In a recent interview McCabe said that he is willing to sell the club, should he win the legal battle. But now it seems that the talk about selling the club has become more serious.

It will happen quickly

In an interview with BBC Radio Sheffield, 71-year-old McCabe said:

“We have discussions with other parties, yes. Those discussions will not be concluded until the outcome of the court case is over.”

The legal dispute is scheduled to last another two weeks, but when asked how quickly new investment could arrive after the court case, McCabe said:

“Well, let me put it this way: it will happen more quickly than would have been the case if we’d been a Championship club. There must be excitement all around - people want to be investing in the Premier League; that’s a reality of life.”