Prospective Huddersfield owner fined by the FA for betting on 99 games

4 June 2019

Phil Hodgkinson
Photo: Getty Images A charge of betting on matches might have delayed the process of Phil Hodgkinson taking over the majority of shares at Huddersfield Town.

Phil Hodgkinson, who is in line to take over Huddersfield, has been fined by the FA for betting on 99 games. None of the bets were on games where he was involved as owner.

Hodgkinson admitted the charges and the takeover should be approved later this week.

Christian Fomsgaard Jensen

The takeover of Huddersfield Town is nearing completion after the potential new owner, lifelong fan Phil Hodgkinson, has admitted to a misconduct charge for betting on matches and been fined £1,500 by the FA, according to MailOnline.

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