Owner of four clubs: "Boards and investors are always chasing something, be it signing a right back, winning a trophy or wanting to get promoted. The number one goal should be balancing the budget"

27 January 2021

Photo: PA Images "The logic is let's invest in a club and build it up so it's more competitive while getting the squad younger, improving performance and profitability so we can reinvest transfer proceeds and grow the club from there," says American investor Paul Conway from Pacific Media Group.

Pacific Media Group, led by American investor Paul Conway, has built a portfolio of four clubs including Barnsley and sides in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Hyper-commercialisation has driven sustainability in American sports, according to Conway, who tells offthepitch.com clubs in Europe have a lot to learn.

An overemphasis on immediate performance and players is taking focus from building long-term strategies that will actually yield lasting results.

Having recently acquired AS Nancy Lorraine, his team, which also includes Tampa Bay Rays co-owner Randy Frankel, is looking to make further investments.

Emil Gjerding Nielson nielson@offthepitch.com

"The quickest way to lose money in football is on the squad."

Paul Conway's message is clear. Running a football club is not only about gathering the best players and paying the highest wages. First and foremost, it's about running a business that ensures you have the synergy to build a long-term strategy. 

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