Meet the Pozzos: The Italians behind Udinese and Watford vying to be more than just a "family business"

18 November 2020

Photo: Handout "Of course, we love our business and are very careful with it, but for the past ten years our main objective has been to give responsibility to our management and to go about things in a professional way," says Magda Pozzo.

The Pozzo family has owned Udinese since 1986 and Watford since 2012 as the only group in Europe to have been in control of more than one club in top five leagues at the same time.

Magda Pozzo, the daughter of Italian businessman Gianpaolo Pozzo, speaks to about how the family has been professionalising its atypical setup.

Udinese in particular are on an ambitious commercial venture aiming to globalise their appeal by becoming more financially as well as environmentally sustainable.

Being connected with Watford, who is led by Magda Pozzo's brother Gino Pozzo, is a crucial part of the strategy which depends heavily on sharing best practice.

Emil Gjerding Nielson

A common advice is to keep your business and personal life separate. But when your family owns your place of work, the boundaries tend to become a bit more fluid. Magda Pozzo, the daughter of Italian businessman Gianpaolo Pozzo who owns Watford and Udinese, knows this more than most.

For the past eight years or so, however, one of her functions as strategic marketing coordinator of Udinese has been to embolden this line, and to move away from all the good and bad one typically would associate with an Italian family owning a football club. 

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