Madrid summit as leagues unite in concern at European competition changes

7 May 2019

Photo: Getty Images The president of F.C. Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu (right) is raising his voice in the heated debate about the future of European club competitions.

Dozens of club presidents and CEOs expected at European Leagues meeting in Madrid today.

 Face off between leagues and Europe’s biggest clubs.

The President of F.C. Barcelona says he wants to play teams like Liverpool and Manchester United more often.

James Corbett

Club presidents and CEOs from around Europe meet today in Madrid to discuss the future of European club competition amid fears that “explosive” reforms “could damage domestic competitions and football at large”.

The meeting comes in response to plans in progress between the European Club Association (ECA) and UEFA to radically change European club competition from 2024, which may  close access to the Champions League to an increasing number of clubs, introduce promotion and relegation between European competitions and see some European matches played at the weekend.

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