Big changes on its way in Champions League while European Leagues set to strike back in club calendar fight

4 April 2019

Photo: Getty Images Back in Madrid Real Madrid players and officials celebrate winning the Champions League last year. The tournament might change a lot, and things might move forward after league representatives meet tomorrow in Lissbon at their general assembly.

Champions League might change a lot - fewer teams from smaller leagues will be allowed to participate.

 Leagues representative body opposed to making Champions League preserve of the rich.

Overseas games still on the agenda, because FIFA has a gift the leagues want.

James Corbett

In Lisbon on Friday, the next round of the increasingly acrimonious struggle for control of international club competition will be played out when representatives of Europe’s professional leagues meet for their general assembly.

The European Leagues brings together 35 professional football leagues representing more than 900 clubs in 28 countries across Europe.

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