"We want to close the gap on the NFL and make the Champions League the most valuable franchise in the world"

26 March 2019

ECA general assembly in Amsterdam March 2019
Photo: ECA At the annual general assembly of the European Club’s Association in Amsterdam, the ECA chairman, Andrea Agnelli, made it clear that the organisation has big ambitions on behalf of the Champions League.

European Club Association enter “unprecedented” alliance with UEFA over football calendar talks.

Refusal to participate in FIFA Club World Cup reiterated, but some signs of conciliation.

James Corbett corbett@offthepitch.com

AMSTERDAM - Clubs today took a further step towards an expansion of the Champions League after entering an “unprecedented” alliance with UEFA over the reorganisation of the club calendar.

European football’s two principal representative bodies, UEFA and the European Club Association (ECA), renewed their alliance by signing a new memorandum of understanding as they stepped up the fight against FIFA’s perceived encroachment upon the international football calendar.

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