Macquarie close to overtaking Barclays as Premier League's preferred lender amid cash flow crunch

4 December 2020

Photo: PA Images Jerry Korczak, managing director sports structured finance at Macquarie, earlier this year said third-party financing could become a more popular option for clubs amid a cash flow crunch exacerbated by the lack of matchday income.

The number of loans taken out by Premier League clubs with Australia's Macquarie has increased fivefold since last year, according to an analysis.

Barclays, however, is still the primary banking institution - though its exposure to football has been dropping.

The preponderance of third-party financing has been driven by the lack of matchday income, with the market's increasing maturity boding well for both clubs and external financiers.

Emil Gjerding Nielson

An unprecedented financial situation has changed the lending landscape in the Premier League and increasingly driven clubs into the arms of a new football financier.

Data from Companies House reveals that the number of loans taken out with Macquarie by top flight clubs has increased fivefold – to 16 from three – compared to a similar analysis last year. 

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