Interview with the filmmaker behind Leeds documentary: At first the club’s CEO was skeptical – today he sees the great value of the series

7 January 2021

Photo: PA Images Leeds fans celebrating the return to the Premiership after waiting many, many years.

The Amazon documentary “Take Us Home” about Leeds United has taught Anouk Mertens - the producer behind the series – that you can’t make a proper portrait of a club without connecting to all stakeholders.

According to Mertens, managing director of production company Neo Studios, “Take Us Home” showed everyone in the football world how difficult it is to run a club.

She believes documentaries could bring fans much closer to the club and create a better understanding amongst supporters of what it takes to be successful.

Mertens sees “Take Us Home” as a different kind of show to the Tottenham Hotspur and Sunderland documentaries.

Kasper Kronenberg

She doesn’t say it directly – but between the lines is a clear message to all the gatekeepers working in the communication departments of football clubs around the world:

“Open the gates, let the fans see who you are and what you do – and they will love you for it.”

Anouk Mertens is the managing director at Neo Studios, the production company behind “Take Us Home”, and she says that some executives in the football industry tend to focus too much on how their behaviour or decisions could be interpreted in the media, which could lead to bad PR.

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