FA is looking into Huddersfield’s striking shirt sponsor logo for possible fine

18 July 2019

Photo: Getty Images Huddersfield could be fined for breaking the rules if the sponsor logo is found to be non-compliant.

The Football Association has reportedly contacted Huddersfield to request their shirts for observation as the club’s sponsor logo might exceed regulation size.

Huddersfield could be fined for breaking the rules if the logo is found to be non-compliant - a logo which has received quite a bit of attention as it resembles the ribbon of a beauty pageant.

Updated on 19th of July.

Peter Høyer ph@offthepitch.com

The governing body contacted the Terriers on Wednesday and, according to Sportsmail, the FA is disappointed as the club flouted warnings about the regulations.

"We have contacted Huddersfield Town about their 2019-20 kit to seek their observations," an FA spokesperson told Sportsmail and added:

If we believe that any club has breached these rules, we will look into the matter and, if required, take the appropriate action

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