Expert: Canaries’ cap on tickets could have positive effect if executed correctly

27 June 2019

Photo: Getty Images An expert on sport business sees exciting possibilities in the cap on casual home tickets that Norwich City has just installed.

Expert believes that bringing fans into a membership scheme can benefit decision-making process.

Cheap general admission tickets are reserved for members.

Henrik Lønne

While the news that Norwich FC will offer £30 general admission tickets is likely to go down well with fans of the club, an expert on sport business also sees exciting possibilities in the cap on casual home tickets.

What makes Kenneth Cortsen, a sport business researcher and business development strategist at University College of Northern Denmark and Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, see many positives around the move by the Canaries is the fact that the cap on pricing is tied to a membership scheme, which will cost £50 per season.

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