European top clubs considering promotion and relegation in Champions League

25 April 2019

Real Madrid
Photo: Getty Images The big changes of the structure of Champions League football is moving closer. Pictured is players of Real Madrid celebrating home in Madrid after winning Uefa Champions League Final last year.

ECA lay out principles for discussion ahead of June summit on future of European competition.

Promotion and relegation referenced for the first time.

‘Closed shop’ may limit EPL’s top four making Champions League.

James Corbett

Far-reaching changes to the structure of European competitions could threaten the prospects of the top four English clubs qualifying for the Champions League.

The European Clubs Association (ECA), the representative body for Europe’s leading 232 clubs, which is working with UEFA on plans to change European club competitions from 2024, has set out its talking points ahead of an extraordinary congress of its members to be held in Malta in June.

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