Champions League reforms sustain another blow: Italian clubs oppose

12 June 2019

Andrea Agnelli
Photo: Getty Images Juventus and ECA president Andrea Agnelli meets opposition in Italy against a semi-closed European competition from 2024 onwards.

Only one Serie A club backs closed competition.

Just 4 out of 98 leading clubs voted in favour in their respective league assemblies.

Proposals risk “starving” domestic football, says Serie A president.

James Corbett

Fifteen of Serie A’s 20 clubs have voted against European Club Association/ UEFA proposals to create a semi-closed European competition from 2024 onwards.

At Serie A’s general assembly in Milan, clubs overwhelmingly rejected plans that have been developed by the Juventus president Andrea Agnelli in his role as ECA president. 

15 clubs instead backed a resolution that said that qualification for UEFA club competition should remain based on domestic performance. 

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