After a season of constant chaos: Buck and Agnelli in talks over Sarri in Baku 

30 May 2019

Maurizio Sarri and Bruce Buch hugging
Photo: Getty Images Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri is hugged by Chairman of Chelsea Bruce Buck after the UEFA Europa League Final between Chelsea and Arsenal at Baku Olimpiya Stadion

The chairmen of Chelsea and Juventus, Bruce Buck and Andrea Agnelli, are pictured having talks in Baku. 

Maurizio Sarri is reportedly ready to leave Chelsea for Juventus in a £5 million deal.

Christian Fomsgaard Jensen

After just one season at Chelsea, manager Maurizio Sarri might be leaving the Blues as Juventus prepare swoop for the 60-year-old Italian. Pictures have emerged of Chelsea’s chairman, Bruce Buck, having talks with Juventus chairman, Andrea Agnelli, in Baku. 

Both were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel ahead of the Europa League final, according to the Italian media outlet Tuttosport, which posted the pictures of Agnelli and Buck. 

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