Aston Villa close yet another sponsorship deal with a betting company

14 June 2019

Villa fan
Photo: Getty Images 32Red has been replaced with W88 as principal partner of Aston Villa. And the club have now added BR88 as another principal partner and the club's first ever sleeve partner.

After Aston Villa won the Premier League promotion, the club have had no trouble signing new sponsorship deals.

Most recently the Villains got a betting company as principal partner and have now signed yet another betting company to put on their shirts.

Peter Høyer

Aston Villa have signed another betting company as a sponsor of the club. And it is - yet again - an Asian company - set to be represented on the Villains’ shirts as the club’s first ever sleeve partner. 

The number "88"

One might notice the repeated use of the number “8” in the names of both Asian betting companies, and there seems to be a simple explanation for it.


The number is considered a lucky number in several Asian countries and especially in China. Therefore, “88” is considered extra lucky and means good fortune.

The Asian betting and gaming company, called BR88, has signed a one-year agreement. BR88 will also join recently signed W88 and Kappa as a principal partner of Aston Villa.

"We’re looking forward to working with BR88 to engage our global audience with a unique and exciting user experience across their platforms. This is an excellent commercial agreement for the Club,” said Nicola Ibbetson, chief commercial officer at Aston Villa, in a statement.

Villa have seen their commercial income almost cut in half since 2014, when the club made almost £31.4 million, compared to just £16.4 million in 2018.

Even though the club can look forward to a substantial increase in broadcast income, the new sponsorship deals appear to be much needed for the Birmingham club.

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