Column: Why did Man Utd hire Solskjaer before finding a technical director?

12 April 2019

ed woodward
Photo: Getty Images Executive vice Chairman and director at Manchester United, Ed Woodward alongside former manager Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford. Woodward hired Solskjaer for the managers position, but why didn't he wait until a technical director was appointed?

Man Utd have given Solskjaer a three-year contract but are still without a technical director.

By doing so, the club may have undermined the role’s importance.

Richard Whittall

Shortly before Manchester United announced that their interim manager and former player Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had been made permanent with a three-year contract, Louis van Gaal gave what may turn out to be a prescient interview to the BBC.

Van Gaal, of course, himself served as Man United manager from 2014-16, and has recently announced his retirement from management. That may have helped loosen his tongue enough to speak frankly on his former club, particularly when it comes to organisational hierarchy.

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