Ranking: Who had the highest instalment payables for transfers in 2020?

2 July 2021

FC Barcelona
Photo: Alamy FC Barcelona are known for many things. Recently there has been a lot of writing about the club's debt. A big part of that debt is due to player transfers like Coutinho.

Over the past decade cash flows have become less significant with regards to payments or receipts of transfer fees as the usage of instalments in player transactions have increased substantially.

Bearing the early days of the pandemic in mind, we have taken a closer look at the total outstanding payables from player transactions among 85 clubs in the 2019/20 season to scrutinise whether the pandemic caused an even greater rise in outstanding debt.

Joseph Mailil and Emil Hauge, analysts jm@offthepitch.com

The top 20 with the highest payables owe €3 billion in total to other clubs from player transactions, €1.56 billion net the accumulated debtors from player transactions.

When accumulating all 85 clubs it is evident that the total outstanding debts to other football clubs rose from €3.3 billion to €4.3 billion, increasing the average payable by €10 million, up to an average of €50 million per club.

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