"We don't ask for taking a bigger share of Real Madrid or Man Utd's share of European money. It is not ours to ask; we don't create that value."

11 September 2019

Photo: ECA "For us it is not about total equality, both within the league and the European system, but it's about getting the tools as a club to compete as best as you can," says Daniel Rommedahl from FC Copenhagen, the architect of a plan to reform European club competition which was being debated at the EAC-meeting in Geneva.

Exclusive interview with Daniel Rommedahl, the architect behind the plan to reform European club competition.

No plans to challenge Euro giants' hold on UEFA competition.

"The current system is not good enough" for clubs in mid-ranking leagues.

James Corbett corbett@offthepitch.com

GENEVA - The architect of a plan to reform European club competition has told offthepitch.com that a model for redistribution of money has not yet been discussed.

169 of Europe's leading clubs met in Geneva this week to discuss the future of European club football, and effectively threw out controversial proposals that would have effectively limited merit-based qualification to the Champions League to just eight teams.

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