The value of Championship clubs based on Preston North End £50 million valuation

24 January 2020

Photo: Getty Images Adjusted for parachute payments Leeds United are the most valuable club in the Championship

On Tuesday revealed that Preston North End have been put up for sale for £50 million.

Looking at Preston North End's revenue in 2017/18, that valuation corresponds to a multiple of 3.75. We have listed the value of 21 Championship clubs based on that multiple - both with and without parachute payments.

It is difficult to estimate the exact value of a football club as there are many different methods to use in search of the most precise valuation.

This is especially true in the lower leagues, where assets - such as property, freehold and location of club - could have a massive impact on the price tag.

We only list 21 clubs as the latest annual accounts for West Brom, Huddersfield and Swansea are based on playing in the Premier League.

Mads Meisner Christensen