In-depth portrait: Under the skin of Lamouchi - Solving the mystery of the new sheriff of Nottingham

11 July 2019

Photo: Getty Images Sabri Lamouchi showed leadership skills allready at a young age. While at Parma, when he was a star player, the respect from team-mates was so big that they would ask him if they could leave the table after the meals.

The new manager at Forest is a very private person. And an emotional guy, which was seen in 1998 when he experienced the darkest period of his whole career.

The son of a Tunisian butcher and French mother is described as a quiet person but with natural leadership skills. A legendary French coach recognised this ability in Lamouchi when he was very young.

As a manager he made controversial decisions regarding key players, both with the Ivory Coast and Rennes, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Svend Bertil Frandsen

Take a walk down any street in France and ask the question: "Who is Sabri Lamouchi?". Everybody will know who you’re talking about.

Take a walk through the centre of Nottingham, ask the same question and you will leave most people scratching their heads for answers.

In a couple of months’ time, Forest fans will probably be more clued-up, but for the moment the name Sabri Lamouchi remains as much a mystery even to the most supporters as Robin of Locksley initially was to the sheriff of Nottingham.

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