Sunderland chairman will decide whether or not to sell within a few weeks

3 June 2019

Photo: Getty Images Sunderland owner Stewart Donald is considering whether to sell the club or not. He will decide shortly, he says.

Chairman and club owner Stewart Donald believes the club has turned things around financially and is forecasting a profit.

The chairman says the club has got under his skin – but he might still sell his shares.

Kasper Kronenberg

Sunderland fans will know within a few weeks if they are facing a change in ownership.

In a statement on the club’s official website, owner and chairman 44-year-old Stewart Donald, who made his money in the insurance business, speaks openly about the tough decision he will have to make very shortly.

“We’ve always talked about investment for the long term, and now is the time to change the structure for the long term and exercise one of those options,” he said.

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