Player Salary Tool

Groundbreaking football player salary tool, revolutionising the way industry professionals access and analyse salary information

  • Granular average base salary data for 225 European clubs in current season
  • Salary information categorised by age and position
  • Including league comparison for Big 5
  • All figures from reputable and authoritative sources


Best-in-class wage data and expert witness reports for use in loss of earnings cases

  • Authoritative numbers to demonstrate deserved compensation levels
  • Accepted and endorsed from private tribunals to the High Court
  • Vital data that proves football player pay from the 1980s to the current day
  • Underpinned by internal league and player union intelligence
  • Used in record settlements paying £5m+ for career-ending incidents

“I consider that this data provides a more secure basis on which to make my findings … it seems to me they provide the best evidence available about average earnings in professional football and I shall therefore use it as the starting point for my calculation of the claimant’s loss of earnings”

High Court
Mrs Justice Swift
High Court judge
High Court

Salary Intelligence

Granular wage data for Europe’s major leagues to help inform squad-building, player purchases, contract negotiations and club running costs

  • Average basic salary data for clubs in Europe’s major divisions by playing position and age
  • Compare player wage expenditure, for example top 10 clubs by revenue versus chosen cohort of other clubs
  • Compare salary allocation at different clubs by % of expenditure spent on each of the 20 best paid players
  • Benchmark salaries across leagues for a particular type of player / transfer target
  • Assess salaries spent on injured players to quantify the effectively of injury prevention measures / medical departments

"This provided an insight that we haven’t see available anywhere else, from a specific detailed breakdown of how a playing contract works, to wage structures at different clubs, to the difference in wages, by age and position, between the ‘Big 6’ in the Premier League and the other clubs”

Investor wanting a comprehensive suite of data and information about wages
US Investor
Salary data