A Spanish court is putting a lot of pressure on UEFA in Super League-battle – experts can’t agree though if this will force UEFA to seek a compromise

6 July 2021

Photo: Alamy Juventus President Andrea Agnelli during the Partita Del Cuore charity football match at Allianz Stadium on May 25, 2021 in Turin, Italy.

Andrea Agnelli seems convinced that the founding European Super League clubs have nothing to fear in terms of sanctions from UEFA – but the upcoming French presidency of the Council of the European Union might be a joker in the pack for UEFA.

One legal expert argues that the steps taken by UEFA against the European Super League clubs are too harsh.

The independent antitrust commentator Florian Mueller explains why the €100 million fine does not have legal support using a European Union case law.

But UEFA have much better arguments (than The Skating Union who were forced to ease their harsh sanction in a similar case),” says another expert.

July 1st saw two dramatic twists in the Super League Saga.

Firstly, a new injunction by the Spanish court threatens to further nullify UEFA’s attempts to punish the Super League clubs. Secondly, comments by Andrea Agnelli suggest that negotiations with UEFA are on the horizon.

Even though it seems like UEFA will need to lower their tough penalties on the founding clubs of the European Super League, experts have differing opinions over whether the new injunction, in reality, forces UEFA to do anything.

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