Roy Keane leaves Nottingham Forest after five months as assistant

24 June 2019

Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane
Photo: Getty Images Martin O'Neill (left) and Roy Keane (right) have worked together as head coach and assisting coach in Nottingham Forest and Ireland's national team.

Former assistant manager of Nottingham Forest, Roy Keane, has left the club after five months.

Keane, who has a record of both managing and playing, has not announced the reason for his departure.

Peter Høyer

Nottingham Forest have lost their assistant manager, Roy Keane. The former Manchester United midfielder has chosen to leave the club after a period of just five months. 

The Irishman did not speak to the reason for his departure or his plans for the future, but said in a statement: 

Working with Martin [O’Neill] over the last few years has been a magnificent experience

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