Interview with Dortmund's managing director: "This is the recipe that helped us make millions in the transfer market"

15 August 2019

Photo: Getty Images Dortmund players being celebrated by the home crowd at Sigdal Iduna Park.

Read the exclusive interview with Dortmund's managing director, Carsten Cramer, about the big changes the club underwent - and how they ended up being one of the most successful top European clubs on the transfer market.

A misguided financial strategy, including paying huge transfer fees and salaries for mid-market pros, brought Borussia Dortmund close to bankruptcy.

Hiring people with a passion for Dortmund and a different approach to the transfer market helped turn things around.

Today, Dortmund are a serious title contender and a Champions League knockout stage regular, with players being sold for far greater prices than they were bought.

Svend Bertil Frandsen

Imagine you were invited to a challenge where you had to race your most bitter rival to the top of Mount Everest and only the winner would get the chance to plant his flag at the top.

You prepared meticulously for the race with the means you had at your disposal, but once you arrived at the start, you realised that you were already staring defeat in the face: your rival had secured the best equipment, the best Sherpas, not to mention all the oxygen bottles in the area.

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