RCD Mallorca are among the best financially run clubs in Europe: "The only way to be competitive on the pitch is if you work towards a long-term project which is financially sustainable"

20 July 2021

Photo: Cata Guasp "A reality as complex as ours requires the utmost care and attention to which everyone at the club is working towards to ensure sustainability and pursuing success are not forfeited at the expense of the other," says RCD Mallorca CEO Alfonso Diaz.

The newly promoted LaLiga club finished among the top in a weighted analysis of 170 European clubs by Off The Pitch.

Chief executive officer Alfonso Díaz is proud of the result, highlighting the club's focus on making sure all employees are working to ensure sustainability.

Despite losing out on about €7.5 million in income due to Covid-19, RCD Mallorca are continuing to invest in sporting and non-sporting staff.

Emil Gjerding Nielson nielson@offthepitch.com

The wealth gap in Europe's biggest leagues between the first and second tier usually leads to clubs spending well above their means as they bet big on promotion for a massive financial reward. 

But it is nonetheless possible to get promoted without running the risk of losing it all, should the quest for top flight football fall short. Just ask RCD Mallorca, who in the past three seasons have been promoted, then relegated, and then promoted again to and from Spain's top tier, LaLiga.

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