Rating giant: FFP creates financial stability, not competitive parity

21 May 2019

Photo: Getty Images Man City are often seen as one of the clubs in trouble with FFP. Rating-giant Fitch Ratings explains how it is the very structure of the FFP regulations which makes it unlikely for FFP to lead to greater parity.

FFP is not a driver of greater parity in European football says rating company, Fitch.

Overall European wage-to-revenue ratio has decreased.

Henrik Lønne loenne@offthepitch.com

“The weak enforcement of the Union of European Football Associations’ (UEFA) Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules limits their positive effects.” 

So harsh is the evaluation of the US rating giant, Fitch Ratings, of FFP in a recent look at the regulations.  

The main cause for lack of impact is the conflict of interest that the company finds in the need for commercial revenue and enforcement of the rules: 

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