Cardiff City: Premier League clubs must appeal to agents to use commercially-licensed aircraft only 

24 April 2019

Photo: Getty Images In the wake of the death of Emiliano Sala, Cardiff City now urges other Premier League clubs to have agents only using licensed pilots and planes registered to undertake commercial flights.

After the tragic plane crash that killed Emiliano Sala and the pilot, Cardiff City call for “urgent action on illegal flights”

Nikolaj Babis Nielsen

The tragedy of the death of Argentinian player Emiliano Sala and the pilot who was flying him David Ibbotson sparked controversy as Ibbotson was colour blind and unlicensed to take fee-paying passengers and the plane was not registered to undertake commercial flights.

In the wake of the accident, Cardiff City are now appealing to Premier League clubs to agree on new regulations to force agents to use only commercially-licensed aircraft for athletes, according to The Telegraph.

Cardiff City say they are to join forces with the Air Charter Association (Baca) to call for “urgent action on illegal flights”, and tougher punishments to protect the athletes.

Shocked by the sheer scale 

But in the sad circumstances surrounding the Sala disaster, one Cardiff City FC spokesperson tried to find a positive outcome:

“Our club has been shocked by the sheer scale of the problem in the sporting world. We will be insisting that intermediaries book only commercial licensed air carriers when handling player transfers. We are hopeful that other clubs will take similar positions. 

“Meaningful progress on this issue – in the form of accountability and protections – would be one positive outcome from what is a terrible tragedy for everyone who knew Emiliano and for the football world as a whole.”